This is Jaclyn reporting alive from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. No, that’s not a typo, I am literally reporting that I am alive. Just about.
Not gonna lie … it’s tough going. Even though the “official” start of the fringe was Friday, I have been going since last Sunday with Underbelly. The first few days were incredibly heavy with manual labour. I racked up nearly 30 hours of painting in 3 days. Mostly blankets of purple. Like this ramp:

The blankets of purple did have the occasional white splodge on it

And I did get given the slightly more interesting task of painting giant plywood flowers, which can now be seen dotted around Underbelly’s George Square venue (that’s the one with the giant upside-down inflatable cow for any Edinburgh noobs). Here are a selection of the flowers from me and the team… 

I am now into proper front of house work, which still involves much lifting and carrying, cleaning and mopping during the hectic turnarounds at the Lafayette venue at circus hub

This is essentially home at the moment. 

There is a second tent called ‘The Beauty’, but the seating and stage arrangement doesn’t change for that one. Things are calmer over there. All the team get moved around each venue, so we have our fare share. I’d rather be rushing around and busy though. Especially since I get so cold standing still outside. 

There have been moments where I’ve wondered if I’m too old for all this. I hate to say that. I’m a great believer in never giving up, never being too old… And it’s not like I’m ancient or anything. But I have been feeling the burn. Most of the team are in their early twenties and I attributed my aching and incredible bruising to being older than them. Then one of the twenty year olds mentioned how much her back was aching and I realised that this is damn hard work for everyone. I’d been giving myself excuses and reasons to fail. 

Today I have an 11hr shift that I really should be getting ready for…. My positive observation may seem less shiny after that. 

I haven’t seen an awful lot of shows yet, I haven’t had much of a chance. The shows that I am seeing are Underbelly shows, thanks to my free pass, but this makes it a bit tricky to discuss. The critic side of me wants to dissect and analyse the good and bad parts and obviously there are no bad parts, all the shows are awesome šŸ¤—šŸ˜œ

One show I do really want to highlight is on at the Cowgate venue. Anyone who read my daily blog updates last year (or even just the final verdict) will know how much I loved the show ‘CELL’. Well, the co-creators of that show are back this year with a show called ‘In Our Hands’ which I’ve already seen and it has all the charm and sweetness of last years show, again with clever puppetry and prop use. Please, please go see it – 4pm at Underbelly Cowgate.