Yes, that’s right it’s got to that point where the fringe has just become a big blurry smudge and time no longer has any meaning. Fringe fatigue is rife, not least because as soon as I finished at Circus Hub, I was struck down in the primbe of lime with a cold/chest infection triggering asthma symptoms. If I had been merely feeling ill, I’d have carried on regardless… The fringe martyr I am. But it’s the coughing; You can’t be coughing and spluttering in an audience of 50 people crammed into a tiny room which normally functions as a nightclub storage space. 

My plans of cramming in a whole load of shows this week has been foiled, but I tentatively went to 2 yesterday, and am feeling a little more alive again today. Yesterday I saw Yokai at Underbelly Cowgate – there are no words. Seriously. I have no words to describe what I saw. And also there aren’t many words in the show. This is physical storytelling, like some crazy, twisted dream world… Or acid trip maybe. It’s one that must be seen, rather than described. I’m not sure exactly what I was seeing, but whatever it was, it was inventive and skillful. 

I also saw The Hours Before We Wake at Underbelly Cowgate, which was totally up my street. I love a good dystopian tale. The story follows a character called Ian, who works at dream-making industry ‘cognetics’. He’s pulled unexpectedly into one girls investigation of the company, forcing him to wake up to the dark realities. 

I was so, so engrossed in this one. It was portrayed so well, with just minimal props and set, and a sprinkling of humour to keep the tone from getting too heavy and Ian was so adorably likeable. Even though the story was rounded off, it seemed to end rather quickly upon conclusion. Perhaps I was just enjoying it so much I wanted it to carry on.

Today I have two shows booked at Pleasance Courtyard – Teatro Delusio and GIANT by Human Zoo, whose show ‘The Girl Who Fell in Love With the Moon’ I saw last year and enjoyed… Reviews suggest this one is even better.

Also, I kind of skipped over it, but Circus Hub ended a week before the rest of the fringe on Monday 22nd so, consequently, I’ve finished. I opted not to take on anymore shifts at other venues, so I could see lots of shows in my last week…. And we know how that worked out.

Goodnight, Chub (as we fondly know you)

(You look like a bridge in the dark)